Custom workout and meal plans help you reach your fitness goals, quicker than ever! Regardless of your shape, size or location, I'll help personalize a program that fits your needs. Find a goal below that fits your needs:


Online Fitness

If you are motivated to get the body of your dreams we can help. Our personally customized programs guide you through your fitness journey to help you safely and effectively workout while eliminating your second guessing. Now you can know exactly what to do with your workout. Now you can know what to eat to reach your goals. Now you can finally be happy with the reflection in the mirror.




Bikini Fit Team

Do you self analyze too much? Are you too critical on yourself? Do you repeatedly beat yourself up? Let us help. We can provide a simple-to-follow fitness and health approach to help you reach the body you want. No more second guessing. No more self doubt. No more nitpicking your plans. You will know exactly what to do to succeed. Get started today!




Athletic Training

Now you can have a specific program to be your best. With appropriate exercises, diet, intensity, recover periods and a constant monitoring to increase performance, you can become your athletic, powerful, dominant best.




Strong Mom

Feel stronger than ever.

Get leaner than you have ever been and the body you have always desired!

With our Strong Mom program you WILL get Strong





Delegate: As a busy executive you have learned to delegate. Get the job done and make it perfect. now is the time to delegate your workout routine to a fitness professional. Spend your time doing what you do best. Let us handle your fitness and nutrition.

Wedding Fitness

Your dream day. Your dream program. Your dream wedding. Your dream body. Look your amazing best on your wedding day. Our easy to follow approach will get you glowingly beautiful on your special day. Get started now!

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