6 weeks apart


I would rather train at Stronger Together any day, than do the same old boring workout in the gym. After only a couple of workouts, I can already notice the strength, endurance, and agility we have built. Even though I am a personal trainer myself, I still feel the need to go twice a week and do one of these power-building workouts. There are only a couple of training philosophies I trust and agree with, and the philosophy of Stronger Together is teaching one of them. - Denys L. CPT

I have been going to TrueFitness for about a year and have noticed an incredible difference in my sports performance. I have become quicker, more explosive, and more dynamic with my game. My endurance has also increased significantly and I can outlast most of my competitors. Spencer Aiken’s unique and sport-specific training regimen at TrueFitness is definitely making me the athlete I have always strived to be. I know that I will always be one step ahead of the game because of TrueFitness. -Kelly Bruning

6 months apart

6 month before and after

4 weeks apart

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