Stronger Together

Take Chances!

This is my first official blog post on here and it is a bit cathartic. I usually feel more comfortable on video and in person which is weird for most since public speaking is feared more than death.

Well, I can speak fine but writing is a fear because,… I ramble and repeat and ramble and repeat.

But, this website is ALL about improving and maximizing our ability and chasing dreams. SO my grammar won’t be perfect but here I am diving into the deep end.

Take Chances and then learn to how to succeed at it or as Sir Richard Branson said it

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes- then learn how to do it later!”

So recently I was presented with an opportunity to teach at CAHPERD, California Association for Health Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. But having never been an actual PE teacher and not being a member of that organization and having never been in that particular career filed I could have shied away.. But then, I would have this blog post an the memories and future opportunities created because I took the chance and THEN learned how to do it.

Last week Tiffany Avelar, Mary Magil and myself taught a course on mobility and movement patterns to over 100 CAHPERD members.

So the lesson is, take chances and then perform to your abilities. You will find it rewarding, scary, exciting, and if you perform to your abilities will also love the experience and look forward to your next one and search out bigger opportunities in the future.